Microsoft Machinima Rule Podcast

Last evening, I was invited onto a podcast to discuss Law of the Game and the new Microsoft Machinima Rule. The podcast is ClassyDude’s Emporium of Chat, found here.

The podcast’s description is here, and a direct download of the episode is here. It’s also a news item on Halo.Bungie.Org.

I’d also like to offer one clarification. Toward the end of the podcast, the topic of receiving a letter from Microsoft came up. I think I could have more clearly explained that the person you are being contacted by is probably a lawyer, and having your own representation is highly advisable in regard to contacting Microsoft about any letter they send you. However, if you cannot afford a lawyer, you can choose to contact them yourself, but be aware you are talking to Microsoft (and probably a lawyer) and that you should be apologetic and polite without incriminating yourself.

Anyway, the podcast is a bit lengthy, but if the Microsoft Machinima Rules are of interest to you, then I think you’ll enjoy it.

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