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Tween Pop Stars, Cartoon Animals, Parody, and the Right of Publicity

At Law of the Game, we pride ourselves on being fans of popular culture, games, and terrible puns. Imagine our glee when the following story emerged. Justin Bieber’s legal team is embroiled in a lawsuit with app developer RC3 over … Continue reading

Could Trolling Land You in Court? Dallas Law Firm Sues To Find Out.

One of the hallmarks of the internet has been the ability to remain relatively anonymous. This anonymity is not absolute, but if you are reasonably tech-savvy, there are ways to broadcast your views and shield your identity. When these measures … Continue reading

LGJ: Come As Your Avatar, Smells Like Lawsuit? Nevermind

In the latest LGJ, a discussion of the right of publicity as it relates to the Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5 dust up. Read on! Disclaimer The content of this blog is not legal advice. It only constitutes commentary … Continue reading