Law of the Game on Joystiq: No Freedom of Trash Talk

On this week’s Law of the Game on Joystiq, we discuss the ever-popular ‘freedom of speech’ argument with respect to Xbox Live trash talking and forum posts.

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13 Responses to Law of the Game on Joystiq: No Freedom of Trash Talk

  1. ManicEeyore says:

    Stupid NOOB WTF?

    You totally suxxors!

    I’m going to /wrists and QQ some more.

    oh wait…this isn’t xbox live. My appologies!

    Please accept this blog as a sign of my sincerity:

  2. This control over speech also applies in stadiums where racist slurs, threats of violence, etc. can lead to removal even legal sanctions against the offensive fan.

    Well written piece.

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  4. Mike says:

    Cool post. I think that xBox Live should monitor chatting on games that are played on it.And I agree with Corry Cropper..

  5. Dan says:

    Wow nice blog.
    Unfortuanately most people on xbox live are to stupid to understand how it works.

  6. Shawn says:

    Interesting post…I think services like Xbox Live have even been pretty lenient with this as most people who are offensive are usually muted. Also if people took advantage of Microsoft’s gamer feedback feature then the problem may not be as widespread.

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