International Bar Association: Dublin

For any readers who might be attending the International Bar Association Annual Conference in Dublin, I will be speaking in two sessions, Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. More information on the sessions is below.

The global ‘gamification’ of online gambling
Joint session with the Leisure Industries Section and the Technology
Law Committee.

Session Co-Chairs
Trevor Nagel White & Case, Washington DC, USA
Gabrielle Patrick iSeed, London, England; Vice-Chair, Electronic
Entertainment and Online Gaming Subcommittee
Gamification, and online gambling, are among the booming global
phenomena of the past decade. Given the highly polarised reactions to
gambling across different jurisdictions, yet the boost it can provide to
governmental coffers in these trying economic times, few are surprised
that online gambling has generated both political controversy and a
plethora of cross-border regulatory and legal issues. This session initially
explores these critical issues through the eyes of major online gambling
companies. The second segment will be interactive and include a
debate between an online gaming hacker and a representative of a
gaming /gambling company. Hot topics to be discussed will include
both the commercial and legal implications of:
• recent trends in online gambling – products, channels and
• laws, enforcement and operators’ duty;
• regulation internationally – the past and the future;
• is harmonisation of online gambling laws feasible in the EU?
• cross-border payments issues;
• compliance issues and cybersecurity;
• management of players’ accounts and fraud;
• privacy expectations and regulation in a digital existence; and
• ‘pathological’ gambling and public policy issues.

Andrew Algeo Paddy Power, Dublin, Ireland
Peter Cercone Playtech, Tel Aviv, Israel
Marcus Clinch Eiger Law, Taipei, Taiwan
Mark Methenitis Metro PCS Wireless, Richardson, Texas, USA
Diane Mullenex Ichay & Mullenex Avocats, Paris, France; Senior
Vice-Chair, Communications Law Committee
Brendan O’Connor Malice Afterthought, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Cornices, cupolas and copyrights: protection and infringement of architectural copyrights
by remote sensing, media use, virtual worlds and construction changes

Joint session with the Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law
Committee and the Space Law Committee.

Session Chair
Souichirou Kozuka Gakushuin University, Tokyo, Japan; Website
Officer, Space Law Committee

This session will examine the validity of architectural design
copyrights, and the potential infringement by remote sensing
imagery, incidental or deliberate use in media and social media, and
by construction variance, remodelling or demolition. The architect
of a striking new building has copyrighted its design. To the
architect’s distress, the design is now being copied and modified.
Images from space are widely distributed; print and online media
capture and replicate the image in film, virtual worlds, and other
incidental uses. During construction and renovation, the design has
been modified. In this session, our mock architect will prosecute a
copyright infringement case against these industries. Participants
will hear the evidence and arguments and act as jurors to decide
the fate of the architect’s claims.

Helen Conlan Bird & Bird, London, England
Jean-Frédéric Gaultier Olswang, Paris, France; Senior Vice-Chair,
Media Law Committee
Roberto Hernández García COMAD, Mexico City, Mexico; Latin
America Regional Officer, Anti-Corruption Committee
Mark Methenitis MetroPCS Wireless, Richardson, Texas, USA
Peter Polak Fiebinger Polak Leon & Partners, Vienna, Austria
Massimo Sterpi Jacobacci & Associati, Rome, Italy; Chair, Art,
Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee

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