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You may have noticed the new Amazon widgets and banners on Law of the Game.  Law of the Game is, as you may have guessed, now participating in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and I’m sure many of you may be wondering why.  I wanted to take a moment to explain.

Law of the Game was a project I launched on a free platform, but even there, I was personally footing the bill for the few costs we encountered (for example, domain registration).  And because Law of the Game is something I’ve always thought was important, I didn’t mind these expenditures, or the new expenditures on things like hosting and branding for Law of the Game 2.0.

I do not, however, have unlimited funds, and therefore the contributors to Law of the Game remain unpaid, other than in my gratitude and the exposure this platform offers their work.  They are all working hard, and they’re doing it because they also think this is important.

So, all I would ask is this.  If you like what you see on Law of the Game, and you do from time to time already shop at Amazon, it would be great if you might think about using the search box on the right side of the screen to find what you’re looking for on Amazon sometime.  Or, if you’re thinking of joining Amazon Prime (a service I personally subscribe to and enjoy), try doing so by clicking through the banner at the bottom of the page.  If enough people do it, then the contributors might be able to see a small payment for their efforts, and maybe Law of the Game will even break even on hosting.  If you don’t shop on Amazon, don’t feel obligated to because of us.  Hopefully, the couple banners aren’t too intrusive as to ruin anyone’s reading experience on Law of the Game.

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Mark Methenitis is an attorney in Dallas Texas. Mark received his Juris Doctorate and his Master of Business Administration from Texas Tech University and his Bachelor of Arts from The University of Texas.

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