A Thompson – Methenitis Debate – The Rationale

A number of the comments to my ‘Thompson – Methenitis Debate‘ post asked that I clarify my new position with respect to my previous skepticism. Hopefully, this post will resolve that issue.

1. Properly planned, the event may reach more people in the mainstream.
I think proper venue and ample notification of the event could make this reach more people outside of the gamer culture. Moreover, if we make the debate available online (transcript, video, etc.), it would be a resource those looking to defend games could point to on a regular basis.

2. We, as gamers, would be taking advantage Jack’s seemingly endless publicity.
The fact is that no matter what happens, it seems that Jack will always have a spot on TV and radio. He is close to being a household name. Rather than viewing this as giving him more publicity, I really think it is an opportunity to take advantage of his publicity for our gain.
3. Jack’s position may not be as hardline as many people think.
In speaking to Jack, I get the feeling that his position isn’t nearly as anti-game as it’s often made out to be. At a bare minimum, getting him to set out his actual stance in his own words would likely make the debate much clearer. More importantly, if his position is exactly what we think, is there really any loss to the gaming community by his stating it again?

4. It would be fun, wouldn’t it?
Let’s be honest; it would probably be a pretty entertaining event. Jack hasn’t been open to many events like this, and it would be the first time he’s debating another attorney on the issue. I’m sure a lot of people would minimally find it interesting. And is entertainment such a bad reason?

In short, that is the basis for the debate.

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