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Virtual Worlds Become Virtual Nations?

An interesting piece was recently posted on Virtually Blind by Israeli attorney Jonathan J. Klinger. The crux of his argument was: For example, earlier this year, Michael Carlton, CEO of online sportsbook Victor Chandler, was arrested in Israel. An Israeli … Continue reading

Alternative IP and Economic Structuring for MMORPGs

Out in the grand expanses of the world wide web, there are really two competing models of IP licensing in the MMO world. The first is followed by the vast majority of games, including the ever-popular World of Warcraft. The … Continue reading

Virtual Goods and Consumer Protection

In Response to:Uk gov’t urged to act on ‘virtual goods’: Anti-fraud laws should apply to Second Life I have dealt with a wide variety of consumer protection issues in my career, primarily ones dealing with franchising. Consumer protection, in general, … Continue reading