Speeches Galore in 2010

There are quite a few speaking engagements already lined up throughout 2010. Here’s a quick overview if you’re hoping to catch up with me at an event this coming year.

Game::Business::Law 2010 – January 27-28, 2010, SMU Law School, Dallas TX
I will be moderating a panel in the afternoon on January 27. More details are available on the conference site as well as on Law of the Game.

Business of Animation Part II: Legal and Financial Advice – January 30, 2010, Collin County Community College, Dallas, TX
I will be on a panel sponsored by A Bunch of Short Guys, a Dallas-based animation guild.

GDC 2010 – March 9-13, 2010, San Francisco, CA
I will be presenting two sessions at the GDC Summits this March, and information on both sessions can be found here.

SGC 2010 – July 2-4, 2010, Dallas, TX
Yes, it sounds like I will be returning to SGC. For those hoping for another big debate, I hope you’re not being let down, but this year’s session will probably just be me. More details are forthcoming.

International Bar Association Annual Conference – October 3-8, 2010, Vancouver, Canada
I’ll be participating on a panel about the nexus between the leisure industry and technology that should be very interesting.

While this year is already looking pretty busy, I’m sure additional events will come up as the year progresses. As I have more information about these and other conferences I’ll be speaking at, I’ll be sure to post that information on Law of the Game.

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Mark Methenitis is an attorney in Dallas Texas. Mark received his Juris Doctorate and his Master of Business Administration from Texas Tech University and his Bachelor of Arts from The University of Texas.

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