The Thompson – Methenitis Debate Video is Forthcoming

I know many folks on the internet are waiting for the video of the debate I had with Jack Thompson last weekend on the 4th of July at the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention in Dallas. I’ve been told by some of the folks at ScrewAttack that both an edited and an unedited version of the video will be up on their site next week.

In the mean time, I did find this seven minute clip from the latter half of the debate. I also did some post-debate commentary on this week’s Late Nite JengaJam. Hopefully those two will tide everyone over until the full video is available online.

For those who didn’t make it out to SGC, the event was outstanding, and the entire ScrewAttack crew deserves any and all praises you may have seen on their forums about the event. I also really appreciate Jack for making the trip out to the convention and participating in the debate.

As soon as the debate footage is available, I will make sure to post the appropriate links here on Law of the Game.

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