Questions for Me? Come to SGC!

I mentioned a while back that I would be likely back at SGC this July, but I didn’t provide many other details. Now that the preliminary schedule is up, I can say with some certainty that I will be back at SGC with a panel on July 3 (Saturday). While this year won’t be another epic debate, it should still be a lot of fun. The session will be “The Law and Our Digital Life,” and the focus is on you. After all, there are a lot of legal issues facing simple internet dwellers as well as those with aspirations to publish content, whether those be videos or games or other material.

If you’re not going to be at SGC this year, don’t lose all hope. To make this session as big and diverse as possible, I’ve also started a thread on the ScrewAttack forums asking for more input on what people want to hear about. My plan is to get through as much of that thread and as many of the audience questions as I can in the time I have. So if you’ve got a question and can’t make it, be sure to head over to the ScrewAttack forums and get the question in the thread.

See you all at SGC!

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3 Responses to Questions for Me? Come to SGC!

  1. felixkenton says:

    I have a question for you (and I’m sorry to say I won’t be at SGC!). I am hoping to start developing games this coming summer and am unsure of some of the intellectual property issues.

    Taking Nintendo’s Picross and an example, they have made a game based on Nonograms (it appears to me that all logic puzzles seem to be in the public domain) and adding a some catchy music and animations. If I were to develop from scratch a similar DS game based on the same puzzle called ‘Grid-Picture-Mania’, would this constitute any sort of infringements? Which elements of Picross (other than the name) would be clearly owned by Nintendo and would require any similar games to differentiate themselves from?

    Looking to other games for ideas for my own games, it seems that it would be very diffcult not to appear to be blantantly copying them when they are based on very simple concepts. In the eyes of the law, does it matter?

  2. P says:

    I would like to know if it would be viable to make a Class Action Lawsuit against the newly released game named : APB

    The reason would be :

    false advertisements, and undisclosed fees related to its massively multiplayer online role-playing game

    Indeed, i bought the box in the shop and there was totally no mention of this game being a subscription based game, i read the box over 200times and it really doesnt mention about it.

    I am interested to know what i can do about it and how viable is the case, seeing some class action lawsuit were made against squaresoft for similar reason i guess it can work…

    Also, the company could tell you arent forced to pay, but then you dont have access to everything that is described on the box.

    The box description is all the part of the game which u need a subcription.

    Let me know, i need ressource and ppl to follow 😉

  3. Ludwig says:

    So what’s SGC? Even with google, it’s hard to find what that acronym stands for. Makes it hard to come to it, no?

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